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                  PGA TOUR Experience for Junior Golfers presented by Eversource

                  Eversource is proud to present the PGA TOUR Player Experience for Junior Golfers, one of the signature events leading up to the Travelers Championship Golf Tournament held at the TPC River Highland Club in Cromwell, Connecticut.

                  The PGA TOUR Experience for Junior Golfers enables young golfers who qualify to:

                  • Play with a PGA TOUR Professional on the Karl Krapek Family Learning Center at The First Tee of Connecticut Learning Facility adjacent to TPC River Highlands course.
                  • Tour the official equipment vans of the PGA TOUR.
                  • Participate in a private clinic with a PGA TOUR Professional.
                  • Participate in a private Q & A with PGA TOUR Players and a reception for themselves and two guests.

                  Junior Golfers, ages 10-18, can earn a spot in this new experience in one of the following ways:

                  • Participate in the Birdies for Charity fundraiser conducted by the Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation or The First Tee of Connecticut.
                  • Submit a letter to the Travelers Championship Tournament Director requesting entry into the experience.

                  Complete details about participation are available on the Traveler's Championship website.