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                  Reliable Energy For Every Moment Of Your Life

                  Eversource’s 8,000 employees are always working hard to serve you and the communities where we work and live. 

                  We invest in our electric and natural gas delivery systems to provide service you can rely on – whether it’s during a winter storm, on a sunny summer day, or anything in between.

                  Here are some of the improvements we’re making:

                  • Installing automated switches that allow us to remotely reconnect some customers, reducing the lengths of some outages to minutes.
                  • Replacing wooden transmission structures with strong steel structures.
                  • Replacing poles on our distribution system as part of a targeted storm resiliency program.
                  • Investing millions of dollars each year on natural gas line upgrades and replacements in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

                  Other steps we take to keep energy flowing for every moment of your life include:

                  • Trimming trees responsibly. Our vegetation management program balances the needs of reliable electric service and the natural beauty of our communities.
                  • Pioneering the use of drones for line inspections.
                  • Regular surveys of our electric and gas systems.
                  • Constantly evaluating and adopting new processes, best practices and technology to further improve our maintenance and operation of our systems.

                  We’re working every day to make our already strong reliability even stronger. It’s all part of powering the possible.