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                  Safe Ladder & Equipment Clearances

                  Eversource works hard to ensure that our electrical infrastructure is safe and sturdy, but electricity can still be very dangerous or even fatal if not respected and handled properly.

                  It is important you keep these simple safety guidelines when working near any electrical equipment:

                  • Always assume power lines are live. A wire might be down or broken, but that doesn't mean there's no electricity flowing through it. Stay as far away as possible from any downed lines and call Eversource immediately to report the problem.
                  • Stay as far away as possible from any power line, transformer or power equipment. Safety issues might not be immediately apparent.
                  • When you’re working with ladders, power tools or even tree branches, stay as far away as possible from any overhead wires. The plastic coating will not protect you from shock, and even a quick brush against an energized wire can cause serious harm.
                  • Plan and survey the area before you start working. If there’s any power equipment in your worksite, you want to know exactly where it is, what it’s touching and have a plan to avoid it.
                  • Call before you dig. State laws in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire require you check in by calling 811 before you start working to make sure you don’t dig into any underground power lines or other utility equipment.
                  • Whenever your work brings you near power equipment, call Eversource. We will work with you to make your work environment as safe as possible.